Each year, Frisse Folk organises over 25 dance workshops on Saturday and Sunday. Most of these workshops take place in Brussels, but we're also active in Antwerp, Ghent, and Herk-de-Stad. Workshops are perfect to intensively practise a given theme or repertoire. We often invite foreign professors to Belgium for these purposes.

The teachers of Frisse Folk are also very willing to teach abroad. Click "Book a teacher" on the right if you want to organise a workshop in your region with one of our teachers.

During the first week of July, Koen and Julie organise a fun and intense summer school in Neufchâteau, in the South of Belgium. Registration starts in March, through the website of the "Académie d'été" (AKDT in short).


By clicking on the workshop of your choice, you can discover the programme and the (required) level. In the menu to the right you will also find more general information. Please also see the terms and conditions. Finally, please note you never need a dance partner to register!

Do you have any questions after reading the menu on the right hand side? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Upcoming Frisse Folk workshops

  • Adama Diop (Sons Libres) = 15518
  • Andy Cutting = 16055
  • Anita Iliaens = 10385
  • Anne-Lise Foy = 16929
  • Aurora Cavazzin = 31173
  • Aurélie Giet = 641
  • Cocanha (Fr) = 11788
  • Daniel Detammaecker = 16032
  • Duo Corbefin-Marsac = 9027
  • Jo Freya = 16056
  • Jo Freya & Dave Shepherd = 16059
  • Julie Gonzalez = 6363
  • Koen Dhondt = 2314
  • La Jupette Barbue = 17483
  • Laure Fourest = 16034
  • Laure Fourest & Koen Dhondt = 16057
  • Lolita Delmonteil Ayral = 15546
  • Maxime Chevrier & Arbadétorne = 16209
  • Mikuláš Bryan = 31474
  • Osvaldo Hernández = 11674
  • Paul James & Barnaby Stradling = 16053
  • Petra Eriksson = 9028
  • Pierre Chesneau = 1160
  • Quaus de Lanla = 9894
  • Sarah Collings = 17482

Intensive folk dance summer school @AKDT

Neufchâteau Athénée Royal de Neufchâteau


Danses bretonnesBretoense dansen

Saint-Gilles GC De Pianofabriek
Spots available

Danses de couples: Varier sa danse sans variations!

Borgerhout Casa de Carmen
Last spots

Tangurka - Rectángulos

Saint-Gilles GC De Pianofabriek
Last spots

Improvisation dans les danses de couple

Gent Planeet Mars
Few participants

Danses folk pour (faux) débutants

Saint-Gilles GC De Pianofabriek
Few participants

Branle béarnais

Saint-Gilles GC De Pianofabriek
Spots available

Danses du Sud-Ouest

Saint-Gilles GC De Pianofabriek
Spots available

Chant occitan

Saint-Gilles Frisse Folk
Spots available

Copie de Chant Occitan

Saint-Gilles Frisse Folk
Few participants

Variations for mazurka

Saint-Gilles GC De Pianofabriek
Mazurka "néofolk" subtile avec contretemps & Impro Mazurka-tango & Polka - Koen & Elena
Few participants

Sauts basques & béarnais

Borgerhout Casa de Carmen
Few participants