Pierre Chesneau

Pierre grew up going to all the major festivals like Gennetines and Chateau d'ars in France, and the smaller ones too. He has seen the genra evolve and change along the last 25 years, himself contributing to those transformations as a full time pedagogue. He taught folk dances from the age of 21 until he was 31 as a resident teacher in Frisse Folk and all around Europe, in weekly classes, workshops, festivals and private lessons. Along the way, he also fell in love with tango and quickly enjoyed teaching what he's learned from Buenos Aires.

Now he has been a "retired" dance teacher for a few years, dedicating his time to other forms of creative communication, and only rarely gets his teacher’s suit back on!

His focuses are :

  • Understanding of basic movement dynamics on which one can build a personal dance
  • Musicality, as a tool for both genuineness and creative expression
  • Social context, function and design elements of folk/traditional dances
  • Approaching dance as a platform for self-awareness and self-development.

He can teach in French, English and Spanish. 

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