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Dancing events for parties: (B)all in one

The Frisse Folk dancing events provide entertainment and a good vibe at parties: public, private and professional.
We offer options suitable for a broad audience, and also a specific option for children.


The options below focus on “learning” more than “entertainment”, but perhaps that is precisely what you are looking for.

Dance initiations (before a bal)

If you want to organise a folk bal, you can rely on our expertise. Frisse Folk can organise the dance initiation and – in certain circumstances – book the musicians and advertise the bal through our communication channels.


The experienced dancing teachers of Frisse Folk are very happy to give a course near you, whether that is in Belgium or in the rest of Europe. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote if you want to organise an immersive summer school or workshop with one of our teachers in your area.

Private lessons

During a private session, we offer a personalised approach, based on your needs: getting the hang of a specific dance, working on specific points for improvements using professional guidance, following additional classes to then join the weekly group sessions, practising the first dance for your wedding,…