The Frisse Folk dance animation: Ball in One

Are you looking for a accessible entertainment activity that will ensure a good atmosphere at a party, an event, a wedding, a team building or other corporate activities? In search of a nice surprice for your guests or an icebreaker idea for your party?

In that case, (B)all in one is what you need!

If you are interested, please contact us, mentioning your wishes, the date, location, type of event and an estimation of the number of participants

Description folk animation (B)all in one*

                                                                        “Bal and initiation: all-in-one formula”

(B)all in one is a dance initiation specifically aimed at private partied and events. (B)all in one is a mix of a dance initiation and a folk bal. During the initiation, dances are taught in an easy-going and festive fashion. These dances are specifically selected for the event: the large selection of group dances ensures that everyone can participate and that the mood is set quickly. The party aspect is emphasized as well: the mixer combines musical chairs with a scooter and the banana waltz is a classic, liable to lead to many hilarious stories! Consider yourself warned…

The choice of dances and the style depends on the type of event and the audience.

Catering to different audiences

This type of event is suitable for a range of audiences, regardless of age, experience, talent or fitness. Our dance teachers are well experienced and can easily adapt to the wishes and needs of the audience, and to the context (European institutions, family parties, schools, retirement homes, refugee centres, neighbourhood events,…).

We also offer a specific version for children (aimed at school events, birthday parties, communions,…) and a version for people with reduced mobility (retirement homes, an audience with a minor motor impairment,…).

Good music

The audience will enjoy waltzes, polkas, jigs and other traditional dances. But don’t expect the music to be outdated, we use swinging, modern music with traditional roots.

Our standard option includes music on the iPod, but we can also work with professional musicians.

Why (B)all in one?

  • Folk dances are well suited as entertainment for an event. Everyone will be able to quickly grab the basics and enjoy themselves. This original event will ensure fun, set the mood, provide exercise and create spontaneous encounters.
  • A solid and reliable concept, tested and perfected during numerous events in the past 15 years.
  • A flexible formula, suitable for a variety of events, even with an heterogeneous audience without dancing experience.
  • Good, swinging music with traditional roots.
  • Easy to organise: you only have to worry about the location and the audience, we take care of the rest!

Why Frisse Folk?

  • More than 15 years of experience.
  • A team of experiences and multi-lingual dance teachers
  • A reputation for quality, both for the actual dancing element and for the organisation and communication.
  • For public events, we have a large network for promotion.
  • If there is no sound system present at the location, we can provide this.
  • We are available for events almost everywhere in Belgium, and also abroad

Practical information and technical requirements

A (B)all in one event lasts approximately one hour (one-and-a-half hours maximum). We send an experienced dancing couple. For large events we can also provide dance assistants who can help guide the audience.

Our team of dance teachers can lead the initiation in Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish or Portuguese.

Please see the list of technical requirements to check whether your sound system is sufficient for the event. You will also find tips and other helpful information there.


  • Private parties: weddings, birthdays, family parties,…
  • Large public and cultural events: Brussel Bad, De Gentse feesten, Benenwerk Brugge, Antwerpen Danst op Kattendijk, Manifiesta, Villers-La-Ville, Landelijk Brussel 2013 (for DG Agri), Het Zadenfestival at ULB, …
  • Corporate (networking, team building, “away day”, end-of-year party): directly via the DG, or via a event bureau
  • A special formula for retirements homes of COCOF: “La Guinguette a rouvert ses Volets”
  • Formulas in cooperation with schools and cultural centres
  • Dance initiations followed by a folk bal
  • Special projects, such as an event in centres for asylum seekers of Fedasil in Alsemberg and Florennes.


Dear Koen and Elena

I wanted to thank you yet again for the beautiful way in which you got my guests dancing Friday night! There was such a positive vibe, and that was just what my ex-colleagues needed. I enjoyed participating in the event, but also watching how my godchild was dancing with his mother (my sister), my daughter with a colleague, how colleagues who I would never have guessed completely ‘went for it’… but mainly to see how everyone was having the time of their lives.
I also enjoyed our conversations. You were genuinely interested in my guests and myself. You also gave the performance of Roose and Depreitere (a live performance with guitar and song prior to the event, red.) an extra boost by dancing amongst yourselves and with some of the guests. Impressive. At the end, it was also great to hear you enjoyed the evening as well.

Best regards,
Michèle D., Bruges (30/06/2014)