Frisse Folk: THE folk experience

In January 2002, Koen Dhondt started teaching dance classes in ‘De Pianofabriek’ in Brussels. In the meantime, this adventure has evolved to Frisse Folk, the leading folk dance school and a point of reference to folk dance in Belgium. In the video below, Elena and Koen will introduce our association and the folk scene in general.

Leading folk dance school

The specialty and main activity of Frisse Folk is teaching dance classes and workshops: for almost 20 years years, we have been taking all kinds of courses, gaining know-how and experience. We kept improving the didactics and structure of the lessons, and shared this knowledge within the team. Because of this, Frisse Folk has gained a solid reputation of quality, and has had a great influence to the dispersion of folk dance in Belgium.

  • Since the early days, we have been teaching dance classes weekly. At this moment, we offer classes on 8 different levels.
  • A bit later, the dance workshops in the weekend were added. Every year, we organise about 30 courses all over Belgium, taught by our own dance teachers, but also by leading guest teachers.
  • Our dance teachers often go abroad to share our experience during dance courses & workshops.


Organiser of quality Balls and dance workshops

The team of Frisse Folk consists of passionate, experienced dancers. Therefore, we perfectly know the ingredients of a successful folk ball, and every time we give it our everything to bring those elements together during our folk balls: Ball XL and Ball & Basta! in Brussels, folk balls in Antwerp and elsewhere, practicals (folk balls without live music) …

At events and parties, we often create an ambiance with folk workshops for a broad public without dance experience.


Fruitful cooperation and many helping hands

The thriving association that we have become is the result of much fruitful cooperation, encounters, good advice, inspiring dances, motivating conversations and countless helping hands, for which we are infinitely grateful!

For the dance classes and courses, Frisse Folk has called upon many different experienced dance teachers, who have all contributed to the success of the dance school. In chronological order these are Koen Dhondt, Aurélie Giet, Carine De Lauw, Griet Van Der Donck, Pierre Chesneau, Erika Plaitin, Elena Leibbrand and Anita Iliaens.

Since 2005 we cooperate intensively with the unique Brussels association Muziekpublique. Other valuable partners are the community centres De Maalbeek (Etterbeek), De Pianofabriek (Sint-Gillis) and De Markten (Herk-de-Stad), and the Flemish centre for amateur dance Danspunt. Furthermore, we often collaborate with other Belgian and foreign folk organisations.

Furthermore, we have our motivated volunteers, cooks, hosts for musicians, advisers and all other helping hands. Finally, we are thankful for all the good moments we shared with students, interns, musicians, organisers… This gives us an enormous amount of satisfaction and stimulates us to continue!


Behind the scenes

To offer all these great activities, we also spend a lot of time in our office in Sint-Gillis.

Koen Dhondt is the founder and daily manager of the association. His passion for folk motivates him for the administrative work. Mixing perfectionism and customer service, he deals with the planning, prospect and programming, book keeping, translation, dance workshops, internal coaching of the dance teachers and animators, contacts with partners and students….

Since 2011, Koen can call upon the multilingual Jill-of-all-trades Elena Leibbrand for efficient help with the website, promotion, newsletters, contacts with partners and students and general administrative support. Further, Elena’s personal input and energy provide a fresh perspective to all our activities.

Anita Iliaens has recently become the silent driving force behind the volunteer work.

The board members of the association, Elise Hooft (secretary) and Sonia Kanobana (treasurer), regularly roll up their sleeves, as well.