Beginner: Discover (Frisse) Folk!

Welcome to the wondrous world of folk dance!

As a start, folk dance and the folk dance environment evokes for us:

  • A wide variety in traditional dances from Western Europe
  • An accessible dancing environment, where beginners can have fun right from the start, with continuous challenges for more advanced dancers
  • Discovering the pleasure of improvisation, guiding and following in couple dances
  • A very open and diverse public of all ages, so you’ll easily meet new people
  • Swinging (live) music with traditional roots
  • Dance classes which are about more than the right steps: having fun, de-stressing after a day at work, meeting new people, having a drink with the group after class, meeting up during the weekend to go dancing,…

In short, folk dancing will quickly become an addiction hard to overcome. Consider yourself warned!

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find an overview of everything Frisse Folk offers to beginners:

  • Dance classes level 1 for beginners
  • Dance classes level 2 for semi-beginners (Please see “What is my level” in the menu “dance classes” to find out whether you are ready for this)
  • Dance workshops for beginners on Saturday or Sunday
  • Folkbals and practicals (= folkbals without live music, so with the iPod), as you don’t need experience to have fun

We invite you to watch the movie below. It will tell you what folk is and you’ll meet Elena, Koen and the various projects of Frisse Folk.


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folk dance for beginners - level 2
Saturday 16 March 13:0100
GC De Maalbeek
rue Général Leman 118
Spots available
folk dance for beginners - level 1
Saturday 18 May 13:0115
GC De Maalbeek
rue Général Leman 118
Spots available


Practica with Initiation & Pantonim Mechelen
Friday 1 March 19:0730
Dorpshuis Hombeek
Leibeekstraat 2
practica & Pantonim
Spots available
Practica at De Pianofabriek
Tuesday 5 March 20:0830
GC De Pianofabriek
Rue du Fort 35
DJ Koen
Spots available