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We created a video with English & Dutch subtitles to talk about (non-violent) communication and consent between dancers, and some important basic principles that are not often expressed clearly. How do we react to unpleasant situations on the dance floor? How to indicate your boundaries or a discomfort? Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWn9slNqHvs Discover more […]
Bal & Basta! Viorel & Bargainatt 29/04/2023 @ De Pianofabriek,  (c) Basile Jacqmain Facebook Album
We’re extremely happy to present you the aftermovie of the intensive workshop Folk & Tango by Laure Fourest & Koen Dhondt Thanks a lot to 🔸 All the participants for the great atmosphere 🔸 GĂ®te De La Terriade for the warm welcome, the magnificent dance space and the sauna 🔸 Anamaria En Vadrouille for the […]
Niveau 3 Mardi 18h ou mercredi 20h30: base bourrĂ©e Ă  2 temps, variations rythmiques mazurka, rondeau en couple, tricot, variations gigue, … Niveau 5 jeudi/donderdag 19h15: Valses Ă  5, 8 & 11 temps, variations rythmiques scottish, mazurka, rondeau en chaĂ®ne, mixer, bourrĂ©e Ă  2 temps, … Niveau 6 lundi/maandag 19h:  Branle bĂ©arnais, Schottis suĂ©doise + […]
Mathilde Lacaze interviewed Koen Dhondt to create 3 folk podcasts for Radio PrĂ©sence Figeac (Fr). For each episode, Koen also selected 3 beautiful folk songs. Podcast 1/3: https://www.radiopresence.com/emissions/culture/musique/musique-traditionnelle/article/koen-1-3 Podcast 2/3: https://www.radiopresence.com/emissions/culture/musique/musique-traditionnelle/article/koen-2-3-93344 Podcast 3/3: https://www.radiopresence.com/emissions/culture/musique/musique-traditionnelle/article/koen-3-3 By the way, on the Radio PrĂ©sence website you will find a wealth of interesting podcasts by all kinds of folk […]
Facebook Album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vanity=frissefolk&set=a.667936512005295 (c) Jim Bouyer 14/03/2023
Link Facebook album Stage Fluid turning in polska by AurĂ©lie Giet @ De Maalbeek, 04/05/2023 (c) Photos: Pierre Chesneau – @bloomyn.with.pierre
Niveau 4 jeudi 19h: Valses Ă  5, 8 & 11 temps, variations scottish, mazurka & rondeau en couple, mixer, bourrĂ©e Ă  2 temps, … Niveau 5 lundi 19h: Variations scottish, mazurka & jig, Sauts bĂ©arnais, mixer, rondeau en chaĂ®ne, bourrĂ©e Ă  2 temps, … (Half)gevorderden Mechelen Maandag 20u30: onregelmatige walsen, choreografieĂ«n voor bourrĂ©e, congo & polska Niveau 8 […]
Pictures & videos in the Facebook album