Book a dance initiation (+ folk bal)

If you want to organise a folk bal, you can rely on our expertise.

We offer a dance initiation in which the most common folk dances are taught by an experienced teacher, so that total beginners immediately build up some dancing experience. That way, they can immediately enjoy themselves during the bal.

Frisse Folk can – in certain circumstances – book the musicians and advertise the bal through our communication channels.

The list of technical requirements is the same as for the (B)all in one event. You can find it in the menu.

The duration of the initiation is 60-90 minutes. A longer initiation is also an option, but then it will look more like a dance workshop for beginners. In that case it is advisable to have a break between the workshop and the bal.

This formula works best if there are already some experienced folk dancers who can guide and inspire the rest of the audience. If the large majority of the audience does not have folk experience, the (B)all in one event may be a better formula.