Arin Arin & variations

21 Jan 2023 – 13:15-18:15

GC De Maalbeek
Generaal Lemanstraat 118
1040 Etterbeek
Teacher : Koen Dhondt
Target audience : Advanced, Intermediate
Workshop organised by Frisse Folk
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Workshop Arin Arin with Koen Dhondt




This lovely but difficult basque dance (Northern Spain) is a nice challenge for advanced dancers. Most of the challenge is in the dexterity of the feet and in the transitions between the different parts. The fandango -a dance with four figures on a 3 beat music – is always followed by an arin arin, with comparable steps, but on music in two times. Both Fandango & arin arin are danced in pairs or in small circles. 
  • Basic steps and style of arin arin on slow music
  • Transitions between the figures, with attention for the musical structure
  • Why do dancers who never really learned the dance, start to the wrong side after the second part? 
  • Gradually we will speed up the music
  • Preparation for the basic step of fandango (workshop the next day)
  • Differentiation: A difficult variation for each of the figures, for those who already master the basic steps  (bonus)

There will be a workshop fandango on the next day: 22/01

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Practical Info


Our workshops in Brussels are usually given in French, with translations into Dutch or English if necessary. Koen is fluent in 5 languages, so you will get individual feedback in the language of your choice.


Please arrive 15 minutes before the advertised starting time of the workshop, so we can start on time.


Advanced level or a solid semi-advanced level.
You have to master the basic steps of the polka smoothly. No prior knowledge of Basque dancing is required, but a high general dance level and a good learning speed are necessary to learn this difficult and fast dance in a short time. This intensive workshop is not recommended for people with bad physical condition.

Dance Partner

You do not have to register together with a dance partner.