A week of summer school: AKDT

During the second week of July, Koen and Julie teach at a fun and intense summer school in Neufchâteau, in the South of Belgium. In 2018, the dates are Saturday 7 July (starting in the evening) to Saturday 14 July (finishing around noon). Registration starts in March, through the website of the “Académie d’été” (AKDT in short). You can already find the event with more information on the website of frisse folk, in the list of our workshops.



Variations for couple dances are the main part of this summer school: mazurka, scottish, waltz, irregular waltzes and bourrée. In addition, we also teach a number of specific regional dances from Gascogne, Brittany, Poitou and the Basque country, as well as variations for jig and other mixers. This basic programme is complemented with other dances based on the suggestions, preferences and/or needs of the participants. The common thread for this summer school is to improve communication while dancing, thanks to a better technique, in order to lead and follow more easily.

We will learn different dances and variations than last year, even if the description of the workshop stays the same.

Level: beginners & intermediate

You do not need to have experience for this summer school, which is aimed both at beginners and dancers of intermediate level. Koen and Julie will give individual exercises and corrections, so that everyone can progress at their own speed, regardless of their original level.

You do not have to register together with a dance partner. For couple dances, we regularly switch partners.

Practical information

Language: the summer school is taught in French, if necessary complemented with succinct translations of the key elements to Dutch or English. Koen and Elena speak multiple languages, so individual feedback is provided in your own language.

Location: Athénée Royal, Avenue de la Victoire 30, 6840 Neufchâteau, Belgium


  • Camping at the summer school’s location
  • Rent a room at the boarding school – places are limited, so book early!
  • Book a B&B close by

Dance shoes: good dancing shoes will ensure you can dance better and more easily. Please bring light, comfortable shoes.

Registration: starting in March, only through the website of the Académie d’été. There, you will also find the conditions and prices.

Do you have any questions about your level or the programme of the summer school? Please do not hesitate to contact us!