Fair trade price

Good dance workshops are labour-intensive, both for the teacher (preparation, pedagogical set-up, personal training, music selection, …) and for the organiser (planning, website with translations in 2 or 3 languages, promotion, follow-up payments & registrations, answering questions, …). At Frisse Folk we want to pay for all this work in a fair way, without losing quality (experienced teachers, good dance halls with wooden floors, a modern trilingual website, …). We also think it is important to allow workshops with few participants and to keep the workshops accessible to dancers with a limited budget at a discount rate.
You can support our vision by paying a Fair trade contribution, on a voluntary basis. You can freely choose the extra amount you want to give.
This makes it easier for us to
  • Pay Fairer fees
  • Program foreign teachers
  • Organise specific workshops with subjects that are less popular
  • Pay an extra dance teacher if there are many participants
  • Reduce risks and the uncertainty and stress that comes along with it. Certainly if you register well in advance.
  • Offer discounts to participants with a limited budget.
  • Organise folk bals with large foreign groups. In that case a well filled workshops might be necessary to pay the transport costs.
Thank you very much in advance!