Jessica Swaen

Jessica Swaen began dancing at the age of seven in a folk dance group in the Charleroi region. For thirteen years, she learned Walloon dances and was introduced to a number of folk dances.

She continued her career with the Folknambules, particularly enjoying the atmosphere and the fact of dancing together with participants of all ages. They performed regularly and took part in a number of folk balls. She then explored traditional dances from Italy, Ireland, Israel, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Mexico and many other countries.

Keen to discover new horizons, Jessica took Oriental dance classes for two years. This experience taught her a great deal about exploring different rhythms, her femininity, the precision of her movements and the possibility of dancing while separating different parts of the body.

For six years, Jessica was also a leader in a youth movement and had the pleasure of leading various folk animations at camps and training courses. She loves getting involved in everything she does, sharing her passions and working as part of a team.

Passionate about people, she studied psychology. During her studies, she provided training for professionals and led workshops and discussion groups. She always gives priority to meeting people in their uniqueness and is keen to provide a sympathetic ear that respects each person's experience.

 In 2020, Jessica joined Frisse Folk and took an active part in the courses, workshops, practicas and dances. She appreciates the caring, precise, well thought-out and friendly teaching she receives. She particularly likes the freedom and creativity that folk dance brings, as well as the connection with others. She also loves traditional dances, and enjoys remembering some from her past as much as discovering new ones.

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