Optimise the use of space on the dance floor

23 Sep 2023 – 13:15-18:15

GC De Maalbeek
rue Général Leman 118
Generaal Lemanstraat 118
1040 Etterbeek
Target audience : Advanced, Intermediate
Workshop organised by Frisse Folk
Spots available
Free contribution 1,00€

Workshop Optimise the use of space on the dance floor by Koen Dhondt & Pierre Chesneau



Better space management on the dance floor makes the dancing experience much more enjoyable for everyone. Koen Dhondt and Pierre Chesneau have put a lot of thought into this subject and have lots of tips to share with you! With fun, practical exercises, they'll show you how to help optimise the dance space for everyone!

  • General tips: Dancing surface, blind spots, snowploughs, noise pollution, shepherds, avoid tensions, …
  • Avoiding and resolving spirals in jigs/chapeloise and circassian circles
  • progression in waltz and polka
  • 2-beat bourrées (in a line, with 6 dancers, and even in a circle)
  • Chain dances from Brittany (gavotte des montagnes) and the south-west France (rondeau en chaîne, branle béarnais)
  • Dances in small circles (bal limousine, maraîchine, ronde du Quercy, etc.)
  • Progression in rondeau in couple


To share the content of this course on a much larger scale, we want to create teaching videos on YouTube. Pierre will film the exercises at de Maalbeek and the final session at Parc du Cinquantenaire. The use of a drone will provide unique images, which will make it much easier to pass on this valuable know-how to the entire folk community. By taking part in this course, you agree to the use of the images.

We need a lot of people to take part in this course for the exercises to work optimally and for the videos to be usable. That's why you can chose how much you pay for this workshop. Don't hesitate to invite your friends!

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Practical Info


We suggest all participants bring something for tea. Potluck!

The bar will be open throughout the day. Frisse Folk offers water for free 


Our workshops in Brussels are usually given in French, with translations into Dutch or English if necessary. Koen is fluent in 5 languages, so you will get individual feedback in the language of your choice.


Please arrive 15 minutes before the advertised starting time of the workshop, so we can start on time.


For intermediate and advanced dancers.  The focus will be put on optimal use of the space, and not on learning the dances in detail. 

(False) beginners with a really good learning speed can also participate.

If you think you have nothing to learn on this topic, well … then you should definitely come to this workshop!

Dance Partner

It is never necessary to register as a couple for our dance workshops. 
Therefore, you can register alone, as a couple, with friends …