General information


Each year, we organise three terms of folk dance classes. Each term consists of 9 to 12 weekly classes of 90 minutes. Classes start mid-September, beginning of January and after the Easter holidays. You can register until the fourth class of each term. After that, you can only join after taking private classes or a workshop, so that we can maintain the learning curve of our group sessions. There are no classes during school holidays (we follow the Flemish calendar) – and on certain other days. You will find an overview of the dates on which classes (do not) take place by clicking on the class of your choice.

Frisse Folk offers folk dance classes for all levels: from absolute beginners to extremely advanced. Our aim is to start a new level 1 class (for beginners) each term. Once you start in a certain group, classes will normally take place at the same day, time and place and with the same teacher during the following terms (as you progress to the next level). The calendar for each term is published approximately 6 weeks in advance on our website. At that moment, registration will also be possible.


Dancing classes in Brussels usually are taught in French, with summary translations to Dutch and/or English based on demand. Our teachers are multilingual, so you will receive individual feedback in your own language. The lessons in Mechelen are in Dutch.

Dance partner and free trial-session

You do not need a dance partner to join the classes: we change partner for each dance.
Your first lesson is a free trial lesson, so come and give it a try!