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Stage folk & tango in the Drôme region

19 Jul 2023 14:00


26 Jul 2023 14:00

Domaine La Clé de Sol – Drôme
1145 Chemin des Marais
26260 Marsaz
Target audience : Advanced
Registration begins 12/02/2023
Normal price in a room of 11 beds 0,00€
kortingstarief in een kamer van 11, als je niet werkt 0,00€
Normal price in a room of 2 or 3 beds 0,00€
Discount price in a room of 2 or 3 beds 0,00€
50€ discount for all if 25 participants 0,00€
Contact us if you want to donate for others 0,00€
Contact us if your budget doesn’t allow you to participate 0,00€
Impro Koen & Laure
Tango Laure
Impro Koen & Laure

Summer workshop Folk & Tango with Laure Fourest & Koen Dhondt

After the big succes of the previous editions, Laure Fourest and Koen Dhondt are giving a 7-day dance workshop at Domaine La Clé de Sol in Marsaz, a small village in the Drôme region in the south of France. Get ready for a great stay full of joy and fun, learning, laughing and meeting people, delicious food prepared by Anamaria, sun and swimming, and lots of dancing!


Approximately 5 hours of dance lesson per day. The final program will be decided on the spot according to the suggestions, preferences and/or needs of the participants. The common thread throughout the workshop is learning how to guide/follow and communicate well in the dance. Laure and Koen will give individual suggestions and corrections, so that everyone progresses.

This intensive week of dance is for experienced folk dancers who wish to take the time to develop and refine the body skills (posture and dance technique) necessary to embody the music more precisely and sensitively in couple dances.
This bodywork will be done via a diversion through the practice of Argentine Tango (no previous experience necessary), because it allows us to explore the finesse and precision of the connection.
This bodywork will also allow us to dive into the exploration of this great mishmash called "musicality" and the dialogue that we, as dancers, are led to initiate with the musical proposals that are made to us: to open our ears, to become aware of the rhythmic and melodic richness of the songs, to get out of our usual movements by developing new types of vocabularies, to be able to choose the musical elements that we want to interpret, etc…
In our opinion, what makes a beautiful couple dance is the comfort of the abrazo, the quality of the connection, and the harmony found by the three of us: you, me and the music. This workshop will explore these three concepts in greater depth.
Koen will also give optional trad dance sessions. He will teach some trad dances that we will choose together (rondeaux, congo, bourrées, sauts béarnais, arin arin, fandango, branle béarnais…)
Each teacher will also give classes around his or her own speciality. We have 2 rooms and can therefore separate the group

Laure: Argentine Tango: discovery group for beginners & group for intermediates, warming up, musicality, posture and body work (Tang'anatomy)
Koen: dances from the South West & Centre of France, improvisation, musicality & rhythmical variations in couple dances, …

Other activities

  • Bal open for external dansers. Reservation necessary.
  • Practica – a folk ball with recorded music – on all other evenings
  • Relaxation, siesta, walks, games, swimming in a lake 15 minutes away…

Additional info

You will find at the end of the page information about the level, languages, accommodation, meals, registration …
If you have questions about the program and level (see below), do not hesitate to contact Laure: +33 6 32 58 96 84 ou laurefourest@yahoo.fr  or to contact Koen

Practical Info


Registration opens on 14 April at noon. The price covers
  • 25 hours of workshops with 2 experienced teachers in a beautiful 150 m² dance space. 1 or 2 folk balls with live music, and practicas all other evenings.
  • a fair trade salary for the teachers/organisers, the cook and the musicians
  • accommodation from Saturday evening to Thursday lunchtime
  • 10 Bio & local meals, breakfast is not included
  • Domaine La Clé du Sol in the Drôme region in the south of France, 20 minutes from Valence TGV station.
  • There are 3 rooms with 2 beds and 2 rooms with 3 beds, and a dormitory for 11 people. You can find information and prices here. The rooms are assigned in order of registration!
  • Bed linen can be rented for 5€. Possibility to bring your own bedding.
  • Organic and vegetarian meals with -as far as possible- local ingredients
  • Bring your own food for breakfast
  • Please let us know if you have any food allergies well in advance
  • Meals are included in the price of the summer workshop, but drinks are not.
Time table / planning
  • The workshop starts Saturday 16 July 2022 at 17h.
  • Possibility to arrive on Friday 15 July from 19h onwards by paying a supplement of 30€.
  • End of the summer workshop on Thursday 21 July at 2 pm
  • Approximately 5 hours of classes per day, between 9.30 am and 6:30 pm
  • Ball with Luna Rosa, a duo that plays a mixed repertoire of folk and tango, on Wednesday
  • If there are minimum 20 participants, a second folk ball on Monday evening…
  • Practica  folk ball with recorded music – on all other evenings
  • Relaxation, siesta, walks, games, swimming in a lake 15 minutes away…
Outside shoes are forbidden in the main dance space, so be sure to bring dancing shoes!
Good dancing shoes help you to dance better and with less effort. Bring light, comfortable shoes with a smooth sole and no heel! Feel free to bring more than one set of clothes per day, a second pair of dance shoes, a fan, …
Standard price in an 11-bed dormitory: 545€.
  • 50€ discount for everybody if there are minimum 25 participants, refunded at the end. Invite your friends!
  • 50€ discount for all those who do not work
  • 50€ supplement for a room with 2 or 3 beds
  • Contact us if your income does not allow you to join the summer workshop

Possibility of a donation for solidarity

We want to guarantee a fair remuneration for all the professionals who make this summer workshop possible. At the same time, we think it is important that people living on a limited budget also have access to quality learning. That is why we offer you the possibility to make a donation to enable someone with a lower budget to attend the Workshop at a lower price than the advertised rates. Contact us for more details.
Registration & conditions 
This workshop is organised by Corps Dansant and Frisse Folk. You can register via the website of Frisse Folk. By registering, you accept the following conditions.
  • Payment of the summer workshop upon registration.
  • Possibility to pay in 2 times: 300€ upon registration and the rest before the 8 of june by bank transfer: Frisse Folk   IBAN  BE40 7805 9142 3763   /   BIC  GKCCBEBB
  • Cancellation before 16 May: total refund    
  • Cancellation before 16 June: 50% refund  
  • No refund if you cancel after 15 June, regardless of the reason for the cancellation. Only exception: 80% refund if you have a positive Covid test.
    Possibility to find somebody with the appropriate dance level to take your place. 
  • Full refund if the organisers have to cancel the summer workshop
If you have any questions after reading this page, please do not hesitate to contact Laure: +33 6 32 58 96 84 ou laurefourest@yahoo.fr  or to contact Koen


Depending on the participants, the workshop will be given in French or in English, with short translations into the other language if really necessary. Koen and Laure are fluent in different languages, so you will get individual feedback in the language of your choice.


For advanced folk dancers, and gifted intermediate folk dancers who learn quickly.

You should be able to master the basic waltz steps with ease, be familiar with leading and/or following, and preferably be open to changing roles. 

We assume that you needed at least two years of dance experience, with regular classes and workshops, to achieve this level. Some of this experience may have been gained in other couple dances (tango, salsa, forró, …). 

No previous tango experience is required, as for the tango classes we foresee a beginner and an intermediate group.

To be confirmed:
There will be a  refresher course on xxxxxxxx, aimed at less experienced but fast learners. Also highly recommended for those who have never taken a course with Koen or Laure.

Dance Partner

It is not necessary to register as a couple for this dance workshops. We will often change partners. Therefore, you can register alone, as a couple, with friends …


Frisse Folk & Corps Dansant
Frisse Folk & Corps Dansant