Promotion & discounts

1. Promotion: If you register before the first of January 2020 and you immediately pay online, you qualify for our promotion: a discount of 10€ per person! This promotion is not valid if you pay through bank transfer or cash, or if you pay after 31st of December 2019. You can perfectly combine this early bird promotion with the free trial class. If you want to cancel your subscritpion afterwards, we refund the total amount.  Don't forget: since January 2018, you can also pay online by Bancontact & Maestro on our website.

2. Discounts: For our dance classes, we grant a discount to all people who are not currently employed (job-seekers, pensioneers, students,...). People with a part-time job do pay the full price.


1. The standard price structure is a subscription-formula for all classes of one term. The price is independent of the number of classes you are able to actually attend. If you miss a class, we are unable to refund this class, or transfer it to a later term. You can however catch up on a class (see the terms and conditions).

Price:   130€  /  120€ with the promotion*   (7,87€ / 7,27€ per hour)  
Price with discount**:   110€  /  100€ with the promotion*      (6,66€ / 6,06€ per hour)

2. Taking half a term: If you can only join for a portion of the classes, you can choose a special pricing structure. This is more expensive, but you will only end up paying for the classes you are actually able to join. At the start, you have to pay at a minimum half of the classes. The teacher will note your attendance for each class. When your credit is used up, you have to pay the teacher in cash at the start of each additional class. We are unable to reimburse you if you attend less than half of the classes. You also cannot transfer classes to the next term.

Price:   96€ for 6 classes (= 16€ per class = 10,66€ per hour)
Price with discount*:   78€ for 6 classes (= 13€ per class,  = 8,66€ per hour)

* Promotion: register before the 1st of January 2020 and immediately pay on line
** Discount: job-seekers, pensioners, students,...​


3. Fair trade price:  Proper, enjoyable dancing classes require a lot of effort, both for the teacher (who needs to prepare for the classes, design a teaching method, continuously update his/her skills, select music, etc) and from the administrative side (hiring the venues, organising the different levels, maintaining the website in three languages, promoting the classes, manage subscriptions and their payment, answering questions, etc). At Frisse Folk, we want to compensate all that work in a fair way, without compromising on quality (experienced teachers, proper dancing venues with wooden floors, a modern website, translation in three languages, etc).  We also think it is important that classes take place even if the subscriptions for a given level are lower, and we also want to keep classes accessible for dancers with a smaller budget (through the various discounts we offer).

You can support our vision by choosing the Fair trade price.  This is of course entirely optional.  Many thanks in advance!

NEW: We added a new fair trade price for those who don't work.


4. Two courses in one term: For the truly sportive types who want to take a class twice per week, we will happily arrange for an additional discount. Please feel free to contact us.