Reimbursement by the health insurers

Reimbursement dance classes by the health insurers or employer

Certain health insurers provide for the partial reimbursement of the fees of sport clubs which are part of a recognized federation. The conditions and amount of reimbursement various wildly, even between regions. Certain employers will also partially reimburse a sports subscription.

Students can request this reimbursement if they limit the administrative burden for Frisse Folk to signing and/or stamping the required documentation. Your registration through the site and payment need to be completed in order to take advantage of this system.

Request the relevant form from your health insurer, fill it out completely and bring it during one of the lessons or other activities of Frisse Folk

You will probably need the following information:

vzw Frisse Folk
Antoine Bréartstraat 129
1060 Sint-Gillis (Brussels)
Tel 0474 78 58 03

Abrahamstraat 13
9000 Gent
Tel 09 269 45 30

vzw Frisse Folk is a member of Danspunt, the Flemish support organisation for amateur dancing, with the aim to increase the artistic quality of amateur dancing in Flanders and Brussels. The Flemish Community has recognized Danspunt on 1 January 2002 as the only registered disciplinary organisation for amateur dancing, and has provided it with structural subsidies since that date.