Fair trade price

Fair trade bals: a more fair remuneration

Organising proper, enjoyable bals, with good musicians (often from abroad) is expensive and labour intensive. Nevertheless, the ticket prices for these types of live events are relatively low. You can now choose the Fair trade price for our bals (on a voluntary basis of course). This way, you contribute to a more fair compensation of the work and the costs of the musicians and organisers. Many thanks in advance!

“I didn’t know anything about this! Why is it the first time that I hear of this issue?”

We are quite certain that the average folkdancer cannot make a realistic estimate of the costs, work and risks linked to organising a folkbal. Which is perfectly normal, as organisers ordinarily do not talk about this. As soon as we have a bit more time to spare, we would like to start an info campaign. However, right now we are too busy organising fun folk events. In the meantime we therefore invite you to think about the various costs which are associated with organising a bal (not amounts though – as these vary significantly per event). Participants of our dancing classes already did this exercise, and came up with over 20 different types of costs.  Good luck! To help you on your way, here are already some:

  1. Accommodation for the musicians
  2. “Sabam” (royalty collection for the composers of the music played)
  3. Reservation of a parking spot for the van with the sound installation (this costs EUR 80 per evening)
  4. Accountancy fees