Here are the videos from all 7 editions of Bal Digital!



Bal Digital Naragonia Trio      Facebook   **   Youtube 

Bal Digital Snaarmaarwaar    Facebook   **   Youtube 

Bal Digital Loogaroo              Facebook   **   Youtube 

Bal Digital Duo Vandenabeele Knapen    Facebook   **   Youtube 

Bal Digital Les Bottines Artistiques           Facebook   **   Youtube 

Bal Digital Broes                    Facebook   **   Youtube

Bal Digital Trio Dhoore          Facebook   **   Youtube


Recording, mix & montage: Studio Trad

Bonus: Making-of video of the Bal Digital with Naragonia Trio, by Jeff Pictures !

Organized by Frisse Folk, with the support of the Flemish government. Recorded @ Cellule133a
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