Dance class level 3 – 5 (Mechelen)

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availability level-2
Term of 12 dance lessons
Full price 150.000000000
Discount price (if you don't work) 130.000000000
Social price 80.000000000
Half a term (6) - full price 102.000000000
Half a term (6) - discount 84.000000000
Fair trade price 170.000000000
Fair trade price - discount 140.000000000
2nd series in the same term 80.000000000

Trimester of Frisse Folk dance classes by Hanne Kinne & Anita Iliaens in a new venue (Wijkhuis Arsenaal) in Mechelen


From Monday 18 September - Monday 21 December 2023

You can register up to the 4th class of each trimester.

Your first class is a free trial. Do not hesitate to come and try!

We houden rekening met de vragen en wensen van wie zich inschrijft. Ook werken we verder aan variaties, danshouding, muzikaliteit, ... Je kan zelf suggesties voor het programma indienen via

Niveau: We verwachten dat je de basispassen van de meeste groeps- en koppeldansen kent en dat je hierop kan variëren.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before registering.

"Early bird" promotion

If you sign up for an entire trimester of dance classes, and immediately pay on line before a certain date, you are entitled to our promotion.

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Practical info


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Dance classes in Mechelen are given in Dutch. Our teachers also speak French or English, so you can receive individual feedback in one of those languages.

Days off

02/10/2023 , 30/10/2023

Mandatory level

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On this page we describe in detail the knowledge required to join the each of our levels. If after reading you are still hesitant, you can participate in free trial classes in several groups. Please feel free to contact us.

Dance partner

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You never need to bring a dance partner to our lessons, workshops or balls. You can sign up alone, as a couple, with friends or colleagues...