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Folk podcasts by Koen

Mathilde Lacaze interviewed Koen Dhondt to create 3 folk podcasts for Radio Présence Figeac (Fr). For each episode, Koen also selected 3 beautiful folk songs. Podcast 1/3: https://www.radiopresence.com/emissions/culture/musique/musique-traditionnelle/article/koen-1-3 Podcast 2/3: https://www.radiopresence.com/emissions/culture/musique/musique-traditionnelle/article/koen-2-3-93344 Podcast 3/3: https://www.radiopresence.com/emissions/culture/musique/musique-traditionnelle/article/koen-3-3 By the way, on the Radio Présence website you will find a wealth of interesting podcasts by all kinds of folk […]