Valérie Vanparys

Valérie Vanparys discovers the pleasure of dancing at the age of 6 with the classical ballet, that she has practiced intensively during her youth.Later on, she also started contemporary dance and in 2005, she joins a group of balkan folk dances and takes her first steps into folk bals. In 2013, after 2 years of tango, she registers for lessons with Frisse Folk, hoping to find more festive dances.
She then also tries Lindy hop, but continues folk dance workshops and bals in parallel, because this is definitely where her preference goes!
After studying biology, Valérie developed pedagogical skills while providing training in the environmental sector to all kind of public. As a dance teacher, she focuses on making everyone progress at their own rhythm, with a special attention to comfort, in a smiling and caring atmosphere.

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