Pictures of Bal XL : KV Express & Bargainatt @ De Maalbeek, 08/03/2019

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Pictures of 10 years Bal XL : Blowzabella & Aérokorda @ De Maalbeek, 02/02/2019

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Join us on 6/04/2019 for the same workshop @ Funambals, Lyon!

In the beginning of August Frisse Folk gave a folk dance initiation at Pairi Daiza and this has been captured on camera!



From september 17th Julie Gonzalez will teach weekly classes on monday evening at De Pianofabriek.

Level 4 at 17h15 & Level 1 at 20h30.

More info:

We proudly present you the text 'Code of conduct and dancing tips'. 

We wrote a final version, based on the input of our dance community during the last year.

The english version is now available on our website, thanks to Auriane Sibille & Louise Brodie!   Thanks a lot!



Elena decided to stop teaching classes for Frisse Folk

We want to thank her from the bottom of our heart for everything she has done for our association: not only the classes and the workshops, but also the help with administration and her good advice!

Koen will replace Elena at De Maalbeek, and Julie will teach the classes at De Pianofabriek on Mondays.

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