Elena decided to stop teaching classes for Frisse Folk

We want to thank her from the bottom of our heart for everything she has done for our association: not only the classes and the workshops, but also the help with administration and her good advice!

Koen will replace Elena at De Maalbeek, and Julie will teach the classes at De Pianofabriek on Mondays.

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We are proud to present you our new video about the folk dance classes!
Thanks a lot to all who participated in the creation of this movie!

Impro tangurka by Laure Fourest & Koen Dhondt




Mazurka improvisée à l'accordéon : Fred Sonnery 
Stage tangurka pour Louv'Folk à Vions * 27-01-2018

(c) Julie Gonzalez

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Wijzigingen voor Bal XL vanaf 2018

  • Al wie niet werkt heeft vanaf nu recht op het kortingstarief, en niet meer enkel de -26 jarigen. Ook stagiairs blijven een korting krijgen.
  • Je kan vanaf nu ook online betalen met Bancontact & Maestro via de website van Frisse Folk (en niet meer enkel via kredietkaart).
  • De voorverkoopprijs is vanaf nu identiek aan de prijs aan de kassa. Je betaalt geen extra reserveringskosten meer
  • We hebben de inkomprijzen verhoogd om over een groter artistiek budget te beschikken.


On Sunday, March 12th, Koen & Elena will give a demo of folk dances during a tango ball at La Tangueria in Jette.



An improvised demonstration of one or two couple dances, followed by a small initiation to folk dances.


Practical information

Milonga (tango ball) from 5 pm to 10 pm, entrance 7 € / 5,50 € (students)
Address: La Tangueria, 239 Chaussée de Jette, 1080 Molenbeek



Under the title Frisse Folk video: laissez-vous surprendre / laat u verrassen!, which could be translated by "Frisse Folk: you're in for a surprise", we produced a short video in 2013 to express our visions of the folk dancing community in Belgium (and abroad), and more specifically our vision for our folk dancing school Frisse Folk.

In turn Elena speaks French and Koen speaks Dutch, and each speaker receives a translation into our other national language via subtitles.

But anyway, as everybody knows: no need for words to appreciate dance and music. Enjoy!