Turning variations for mazurka, at the end of the advanced AKDT workshop weekend 5-7/05/2022.
Improvisattion by Valérie Vanparys & Koen Dhondt
Music: Sul camin de l'exil - ThouxAzun

We're so happy to present you this wonderful after movie about Bal XX, the super folk ball to celebrate 20 years of Frisse Folk!
Simon Gielen & Naragonia Quartet really put the Pianofabriek on fire on Tuesday 29th of March!

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Program for each of the advanced groups. You can join till the end of May

Niveau 8  -  Lundi 19h Maalbeek
Scottish: contretemps
Mazurka: variations de rotation
Branle de noirmoutier (le vrai!)
Congo de Luxeir ou Branle du haut-Agenais
Tangurka: rectangle


QORE PICTURES made a wonderful teaser about our folk prácticas!


Niveau 8  -  Lundi 19h

Variations pour la valse
Mazurka/scottish variations & figures
Rondeau du Savès

Branle du haut-Agenais
Rondeau en chaîne & variations

Niveau 7  -  Mardi 19h30
Mazurka: variations de rotation

Rondeau turning variations

Congo de CaptieuxBranle béarnais variations
Bourrée à 2t: variations & chorégraphie