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GC De Maalbeek
Generaal Lemanstraat 118
1040 Etterbeek

Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop organised by Frisse Folk
Spots available
Normaal tarief 40.00 €
Kortingstarief voor al wie niet werkt 30.00 €
Fair trade tarief 55.00 €
Compensatie 0.00 €

Workshop Polska etcetera - Swedish couple dances with Aurélie Giet 


Please  find the description of the program of the workshop on the French or Dutch pages of our website. You can refer to the menu to find all information on general organisation of our workshops, prices and discounts etc.

Scroll down to get to the info about this particular workshop: required dance level, shared meal etc.

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us (also in English, Spanish or Portuguese).

Fair Trade Price

Good dance workshops are labour-intensive, both for the teacher and for the organiser. At Frisse Folk we want to pay for all this work in a fair way, but we also try to keep the workshops accessible to dancers with a limited budget at a discount rate.

You can support our vision by paying the Fair trade price, on a voluntary basis. More info

Practical info


Meal standard text

We suggest all participants bring something to share with each other for lunch.

The bar (coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine) will be open throughout the day.


Language standard text

his workshops will be given in french, with some translations if necessary.


Please arrive 15 minutes before the advertised starting time of the workshop, so we can start on time.


Mandlevel standard text

Intermediate and advanced level

No prior knowledge of polska or other Swedish dances is required. A semi-advanced level in the usual folk dances (or other couple dances) is sufficient. This workshop is also interesting for experienced polska dancers.

Photo: c Kwac Studio - Barbara Hamoline 

Dance partner

Partner standard text

It is never necessary to register as a couple for our dance workshops. We will often change partners.

Therefore, you can register alone, as a couple, with friends ...

Partnership / Organisation

GC De Maalbeek