No presale or registration via the website of Frisse Folk for this event. More info hereunder.

Folkbal organised by De Nationale Loterij


In 1441 the world's first "Lotinghe", the very first lottery draw, took place on Bruges' Market Square. For its 580th anniversary, the National Lottery will hold another 3 live "Lotinghe draws" on 4 December on Bruges' Market Square. It will be a free event, with 2 open-air balls by Aérokorda.
Frisse Folk will provide a short dance explanation and dance assistants, so that even newcomers can dance along!


Lottery draw with medieval entertainment at 13h, 15h and 17h
Open air ball with Aérokorda from 13h45 to 14h45 and from 15h45 to 16h45

Partnership / Organisation

De Nationale Loterij