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Fandango online – 2 days

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Workshop fandango with Koen Dhondt


Schedule: Sunday & Monday 
Part 1 : Sunday 31/05  10h30 - 12h     + individual feed back in the afternoon
Part 2 : Monday 01/06  10h30 - 12h  (= holiday)
Part 3 : Monday 01/06  16h - 17h30  (= holiday)

No problem if you're not free at one of these moments. You will receive the video right after and you can see it before the next part of the workshop.

This lovely but difficult basque dance (Northern Spain) is a nice challenge for advanced dancers. Most of the challenge is in the dexterity of the feet and in the transitions between the different parts. The fandango -a dance with four figures on a 3 beat music - is always followed by an arin arin, with comparable steps, but on music in two times. Both dances are danced in pairs or in small circles. Koen teaches a workshop arin arin on June 7th.
  • Basic steps and style of fandango on slow music
  • Transitions between the 4 figures, with attention for the musical structure
  • Gradually we will speed up the music
  • Differentiation: A difficult variation for each of the 4 figures, for those who already master the basic steps  (bonus)

Practical info about this on line workshop
A Google Meet link will be send by e-mail at 10h. Check your spam if you don't receive the link and add "contact@frissefolk.be" as a safe mail address.
Connection possible from 10h15. Apero after the last workshop for those who want.
The workshop will be recorded by Frisse Folk and that movie will be shared for a limited time with all the participants. It is forbidden to share this movie with other people in any way.

NEW: Due to the delay between image and sound in the video conference, Koen can hardly give individual feed back during the workshop. We therefore provide the possibility of short individual feed back via whatsapp / short video recordings on Sunday afternoon.

You can refer to the menu to find all information on general organisation of our workshops, prices and discounts etc. Scroll down to get to the info about this particular workshop: required dance level,  etc.

If you need any help to make a reservation, do not hesitate to contact us (also in English, Spanish or Portuguese).

31 May 2020 10:30 to  1 June 2020 17:30
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Normal price €40.00
Discount price for all those who don't work €30.00
Covid-19 victims price (if you have financial problems due to Corona) €15.00
Covid-19 heroes price (nurses, doctors, artists, supermarket vendors, ...) €0.00
Fair Trade price €55.00
Event complements
Target audience Intermediate, Advanced
Teacher Koen Dhondt
Band 1
Video 1
Band 2
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Band 3
Video 3
Partnership / Organisation
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Mandatory level Afficher les infos
Mandatory level more

Advanced level or a solid semi-advanced level.

You have to master the basic steps of the waltz smoothly. No prior knowledge of Basque dancing is required, but a high general dance level and a good learning speed are necessary to learn this difficult and fast dance in a short time. This intensive workshop is not recommended for people with bad physical condition.

Mendatory level customized FR

Stage de niveau avancé, ou solide niveau intermédiaire.

Il faut bien maîtriser le pas de base de la valse. Aucune connaissance de danse basques n'est demandée. Cependant, un bon niveau de danse et une bonne vitesse d'apprentissage sont nécessaires pour apprendre cette danse difficile et rapide. Nous déconseillons ce stage fort "sportif" aux personnes avec une mauvaise condition physique.

Mendatory level customized NL

Gevorderd niveau of een degelijk halfgevorderd niveau.

Je moet de basispas van de wals vlot beheersen. Er is geen enkele voorkennis van Baskische dansen vereist, wel een hoog algemeen dansniveau en een goede leersnelheid, om deze moeilijke en snelle dans op korte tijd onder de knie te krijgen. Deze sportieve stage wordt afgeraden voor mensen met een slechte fysieke conditie.

Dance partner Afficher les infos
Partenaire note

You do not have to register together with a dance partner. 

Partenaires - compléments FR

Il n’est pas nécessaire de s'inscrire en couple. 

Partenaires - compléments NL

Je moet je niet samen met een partner inschrijven voor deze stage. 

Language Afficher les infos
Langues - compléments

This workshops will be given in (easy) english.

Koen is fluent in 5 languages, so if necessary you will get the answers to your questions in the language of your choice.

Langues - compléments FR

Ce stage sera donné en anglais facile. Koen parle couramment 5 langues, donc vous aurez la réponse à vos questions éventuelles dans la langue de votre choix.

Langues - compléments NL

Deze stage wordt in eenvoudig Engels gegeven. Koen is vlot vijftalig, dus de antwoorden op je eventuele vragen krijg je zeker in je eigen taal.

Meal Cacher les infos
Repas - compléments

Apero after the monday workshop for those who want.

Repas - compléments FR

Apéro lundi après le stage pour ceux qui veulent.

Repas - compléments NL

Apero maandag na de stage voor de geïnteresseerden.

Stage specials
Niveau requis average & advanced
Organisé par Frisse Folk Yes