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Hurdy Gurdy

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Workshop Hurdy Gurdy with Grégory Jolivet


Please  find the description of the program on the French or Dutch pages of our website. You can refer to the menu to find all information on general organisation of our workshops, prices and discounts etc.

Scroll down to get to the info about this particular workshop: required level, shared meal etc.

If you need any help to make a reservation, do not hesitate to contact us (also in English, Spanish or Portuguese).

Participants of this workshop get a reduction for the Bal XL with Blowzabella & Aérokorda on Saturday 2nd of February. Don't forget to reserve your ticket for the bal via the presale on this website!

Given the limited number of participants, fair trade contributions are very welcome for this workshop. Thanks a lot in advance!

2 February 2019 from 10:30 to 16:00
GC De Pianofabriek
Rue du Fort / Fortstraat 35
1060 Saint-Gilles
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Deze stage €40.00
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Early-bird discount for those who work
Geen €0.00
1 stage -€3.00
2 stages -€8.00
3 stages -€15.00
4 stages -€20.00
5 stages -€30.00
6 stages -€42.00
7 stages -€56.00
8 stages -€72.00
9 stages -€90.00
10 stages -€100.00
Early-bird discount per workshop for those who DON'T work
Fair trade contribution
Event complements
Target audience Intermediate, Advanced
Teacher Gregory Jolivet
Band 1
Video 1
Band 2
Video 2
Band 3
Video 3
Partnership / Organisation GC De Maalbeek
Partnership URL http://www.demaalbeek.be
Partnership logo
Facebook event URL https://www.facebook.com/events/963707427159282/
Mandatory level Afficher les infos
Mandatory level more

Niveau minimum requis: 1 an de pratique

Mendatory level customized FR

Niveau minimum requis: 1 an de pratique

Mendatory level customized NL

Minimum vereist niveau: 1 jaar praktische ervaring

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Partenaire note
Partenaires - compléments FR
Partenaires - compléments NL
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Langues - compléments

This workshops will be given in french, with some short translations into Dutch or French if necessary.

Langues - compléments FR

Ce stage sera donné en français, avec quelques traductions, si nécessaire.

Langues - compléments NL

De stage wordt in het Frans gegeven, met - indien nodig - korte vertalingen van de essentie.

Meal Afficher les infos
Repas - compléments

We suggest all participants bring something to share with each other for lunch.

The Maalbeek Cultural Center does not allow people to bring their own drinks. Please respect this request. This semester, Frisse Folk offers water for free to participants in the Maalbeek.

The bar (coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine) will be open throughout the day.

Repas - compléments FR

Pour le repas de midi, nous mangerons tous ensemble à la manière d'une "auberge espagnole": apportez donc des plats à partager !

Le Centre Culturel De Maalbeek n'admet pas qu'on apporte ses propres boissons. Merci de respecter cette demande. Ce semestre, Frisse Folk offre l'eau plate gratuitement aux stagiaires du Maalbeek. Le bar sera ouvert pendant le stage, bien entendu.

Repas - compléments NL

Gedeeld middagmaal. We stellen voor dat alle stagiairs iets meebrengen om te delen.

De Maalbeek laat het niet toe om eigen drank mee te brengen. Bedankt om dit te respecteren. Dit trimester zal Frisse Folk gratis plat water aanbieden aan de stagiaires in De Maalbeek. De bar zal natuurlijk open zijn tijdens de stages.

Stage specials
Niveau requis average & advanced
Organisé par Frisse Folk Yes