Quality balls

The Frisse Folk team consists entirely of passionate, experienced dancers. As a result we know what the ingredients for having a successful folk ball are, and we do everything in our power to bring those ingredients together every time : excellent music and a large variety of dances, a wooden dance floor, good acoustics and skilled sound technicians, an enthusiastic crowd, attention to basic dance etiquette during the dance initiations, a team of sympathetic volunteers, smooth organization and a pleasant atmosphere.

Frisse Folk organizes several quality balls :

  • 6 times per year : Bal XL at De Maalbeek in Etterbeek
  • 2 times per year : Bal & Basta! at De Pianofabriek in Sint-Gillis, in cooperation with Muziekpublique
  • Occasional balls in Antwerp and other parts of the country
  • Practicas (folk balls without live music) at different locations.
  • We gladly help out (initiation, promotion, ...) at the Queimadas of our partner Muziekpublique

Due to the success of our folk balls we strongly advise to book tickets well in advance. All information about booking tickets can be found in the menu "Info presale balls" on the right.

If you would like to organize a folk ball, you can make use of our expertise. Frisse Folk can take care of the initiation and -under certain conditions- book the musicians and announce the ball through our communication channels.

All bals


Bal at De Pianofabriek

Saint-Gilles GC De Pianofabriek
Duo Absynthe
Spots available

Bal at Cellule

Bruxelles Cellule133a
Decombel - Van Mierlo & Duo Nello
Few participants

Folk Ball with Kaléidoscope & Kaz Kan Zie

Glandage La Terriade
Kaléidoscope & Aymerick Tron Alvarez solo & Kaz Kan Zie
Few participants