On this page you'll find first the dance lessons taking place in the next 7 days, then all bals and workshops organised by Frisse Folk (or in collaboration with Frisse Folk), and finally a Google Agenda with an overview of most folk activities in Belgium.

Courses of the next 7 days

Frisse Folk Activities & Collaborations

  • Bal

    Bal XL
    Laüsa & Airboxes
    Etterbeek GC De Maalbeek
    Sold out
  • Bal

    Fair trade Bal
    La Forcelle & Camille & & Lolita Solo
    Bruxelles Cellule133a
    Spots available
  • Bal

    Midwinter folkball
    Trio Dhoore & Flemish Folk Caravan
    Alsemberg Gemeenveldstraat 34

All folk events in Belgium (Folkbalbende)