We're so happy to present you this wonderful after movie about Bal XX, the super folk ball to celebrate 20 years of Frisse Folk!
Simon Gielen & Naragonia Quartet really put the Pianofabriek on fire on Tuesday 29th of March!

Thanks a lot to :

  • Simon Gielen, Luc Pilartz & Naragonia for the great music! And to all of the musicians we programmed before!
  • our teachers Valérie Vanparys & Anita Iliaens for all their help and support
  •  the previous dance teachers of Frisse Folk: Aurélie Giet , Carine De Lauw, Erika Plaitin, Chesneau Pierre, Griet Van der Donck , Elena Leibbrand & Julie Gonzalez
  • our partners Muziekpublique, De Pianofabriek  & GC De Maalbeek
  • Qore Pictures for the wonderful video & Simon Blackley for the great pictures
  • Richard Turner & Milos Jariabka for the website
  • the volunteers!
  • all of the dancers who come to our classes, workshops and folk balls
  • and to all of you who, together, make this warm dance community full of nice people!

Lang leve Frisse Folk!  *** Longue vie à Frisse Folk!

Koen Dhondt