Musicality for dancers & Festival Skills @ Cadansa

27 oct 2023 09:30


28 oct 2023 17:00

Rabo Theater De Meenthe
Stationsplein 1
8331 GM Steenwijk
Public : Débutant, Avancé, Intermédiaire
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Stages Musicality for dancers & Festival Skills @ Cadansa



Two dance workshops with Koen Dhondt, given in English

 * Musicality for dancers, focussing on the music of Naragonia

Curious about musical phenomena in the music of Naragonia? And ready to explore their impact on your dancing? Not afraid to (learn to) improvise on music? Then join this intermediate & advanced dance workshop! No musical knowledge required.

  • general info & tips on understanding folk music : structure, rhythms, dances, styles, improvisations, differences…
  • listening exercises : How can I predict musical elements?
  • variations in connection with the music 

 * Festival Skills: optimize the dance space for everybody 

How to avoid spirals in jigs and cercles; it's a real epidemic lately and no, it's not the fault of the beginners! How to solve waltz traffic jams near the stage? How to stop my neighbours from bumping into me…?
Better floor management can make the dance experience a lot nicer for everybody. Most dancers have basic skills that give nice results on small or medium dance floors, but lack the advanced skills that are needed on (crowded) festivals. Koen has been reflecting a lot on this subject, and has some new insights to share with all of you.  
Pre-requisites: If you think you have nothing to learn on this topic, well … then you should definitely come to this workshop!






On vous demande d'arriver 15 minutes avant le début du stage pour pouvoir commencer à l'heure.


Musicality for dancers: intermediate & advanced level. You should be familiar with leading or following and have at least 6 monthts of folk dance experience. No knowledge of music theory is required

* Festival skills: All levels. If you think you have nothing to learn on this topic, well … then you should definitely come to this workshop!


Il n’est pas nécessaire de s'inscrire en couple. On changera souvent de partenaire pour les danses de couple. Vous pouvez donc vous inscrire seul, à deux, entre amis …