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The super fun and well-organized Dansstage in Enschede (NL) had some money left over this year, and they have now spontaneously donated part of it to the dance teachers, groups and technicians.
It is not a big amount, but I am incredibly happy with the appreciation and recognition I see in this! And I think this generous gesture deserves to be known! And it can also be said that the original salary was already a fair remuneration, which you could live on as a dance teacher (if all organizers would apply these rates...).

Thank you very much to this organisation, which provided a super sold-out edition, and which also dares to charge the real price of dance workshops to the dancers*!
And thank you very much to all the dancers who were willing to pay this price!
And an extra thank you to those who spontaneously chose the fair trade price and contributed to my happiness today!
Long live the Dancestage in Enschede!

#Fairtrad(e) & #fairfolk
* There was also a price for people with a limited budget. Accessibility for a broad audience is of course also important.