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Musicalite pour danseurs Mestre

Intermédiaire, Avancé
This event is not organised by Frisse Folk. Please refer to description to find out about organiser and sign-up.

Musicality for dancers

A workshop on musicality, mostly in couple dances.Program:
* info & tips on understanding folk music : structure, rhythms, dances, styles, improvisations, differences...
* listening exercises (which dance is this? and how can iI find out on my own next time? )
* leading & following
* variations in connection with the music
* how to improvise your own variations in connection with the music, during the dance
* trad, folklore & folk: a bit of background

Info & subscriptions workshops: https://forms.gle/yuU9PbucWKVeAymd7

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/534763814018629/

Where? Argo 16 Via delle Industrie 27/5, 30175 Marghera, Veneto, Italy


Les stagiaires profitent d'un prix réduit pour le bal avec Rémi Geffroy + David Baldassin le samedi 21 septembre. 

Practical info


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Koen Dhondt will teach this workshops in English. There will be translation in Italian if necessary


On vous demande d'arriver 15 minutes avant le début du stage pour pouvoir commencer à l'heure.

Mandatory level

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(ENG) Intermediate & advanced. You need at least 6 months of experience in folk dance. It is necessary to be familiar with the concept of leading and/or following, and to have mastered proper dance posture. Knowledge of music is not necessary at all!

Partenaire de danse

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Il n’est pas nécessaire de s'inscrire en couple. Vous pouvez donc vous inscrire seul, à deux, entre amis ...

Partenaire / Organisation

Sognando a Piedi Nudi