Dinsdag 13/10


Beste leerlingen


We hebben goed nieuws en slecht nieuws voor jullie.
De Vlaamse regering heeft de kleurcode voor sporten aangepast van geel naar oranje. Dat betekent dat indoor sporten enkel toegelaten zijn als er 1,5 meter afstand gehouden wordt. 

Eerste tovercirkel (zonder doorschuiven) van de nieuwe leerlingen van niveau 1. Goe bezig! 


Muziek: Se vols venir ambe ieu - Duo Brotto Lopez - Le Bal

IMPORTANT: la session du 12/08 est annulé. Tout le monde pourra participer le jeudi 20 août


Frisse Folk would like to expand the team of volunteers.  
We are looking for different profiles, both for rather easy and punctual tasks as well as for more difficult and/or regular tasks.

The super fun and well-organized Dansstage in Enschede (NL) had some money left over this year, and they have now spontaneously donated part of it to the dance teachers, groups and technicians.
It is not a big amount, but I am incredibly happy with the appreciation and recognition I see in this! And I think this generous gesture deserves to be known! And it can also be said that the original salary was already a fair remuneration, which you could live on as a dance teacher (if all organizers would apply these rates...).

Pictures of Bal XL with AmoRRomA Solo, Tukki Bukki & Nisia 25/01/2020

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Improvised demo by Laure & Koen during the Bal XL with KV Express.



Pictures of Bal & Basta! with Duo Tanghe Coudroy + Aurélie Giet & Duo Absynthe 20/10/2019


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Pictures of Bal Tropical with the Muziekpublique Folk Ensemble, 25/06/2019