Exactly 20 years ago Koen started to teach dance lessons in Brussels. It started with 6 dance students...

Thanks a lot to all the teachers, volunteers, dance students, musicians, Muziekpublique, De Pianofabriek, De Maalbeek and other partners who made this incredible adventure possible !

And yes, there will be a party, of course! 
Naragonia Quartet will play on Tuesday 29th of march at Bal XX at De Pianofabriek. More details will follow!


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Our objectives:
   1. Choose the most popular workshop subjects for this spring
   2. Quickly find a new date for the canceled workshop bourrée auvergnate
   3. Decide if we also plan an advanced workshop on that subject



We are happy that the dance lessons can go on, but at the same time we are very disappointed because all concerts and other cultural events are canceled from now on.
We found a nice way to support some folk artists: we booked them to play solo in our dance lessons, the first week after the Christmas holidays!
A nice present for the dance students, and a first celebration of 20 years of Frisse Folk!

Guus Herremans, Toon Van Mierlo, Pascale Rubens & Simon Gielen


Danspunt asked 11 dance leaders and choreographers to create or adapt a dance. On 31 May, the participating dance teachers taught each other a dance in 20 minutes, and immediately afterwards Margo Mot filmed the result. This led to 9 videos with instructions and links to download the music and/or a dance description.  The music for these dances was played and arranged by Shillelagh.


Koen proposed les sept sauts  (with some variations) as a corona-safe dance. 


Mooie vooruitzichten voor het najaar!

De lessen verschijnen begin juli op onze site en vanaf dan kan je inschrijven.
Een extra lang trimester van 13 lessen, van 13 september tot 23 december!
Met zoals altijd een vroegboekkorting

Hier is de planning per niveau. Bedankt aan iedereen die de Doodles invulde!

Il y aura des travaux de rénovation au Maalbeek et le bâtiment sera malheureusement fermé pendant plusieurs années.  Heureusement, ils ont trouvé une toute nouvelle salle juste à côté pour les cours et les stages. On louera cette salle les lundis et, si vous êtes intéressés, également les mercredis soirs. Pas encore de solution pour le Bal XL. On y travaille.


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