These terms and conditions are the result of a long thought process. There's a reason for each of the rules, in order to achieve a customer-friendly and efficient organisation of the classes. These rules are therefore strictly applied. However, there are also a lot of interesting benefits which you can use for your convenience.

1. Registration and payment

Registration: To follow our classes, you first need to register via this website. We would be grateful if you could do this at least one week before the first class. By registering, you accept our terms and conditions. Following your registration, you'll receive confirmation by email. If you do not receive an email ten minutes after registration, please check your spam folder and add to your contacts.

Payment: Please pay the tuition at the time of registration (so at least one week before the first class). We prefer payment by credit card - Frisse Folk will take care of the transaction costs. If you prefer not to work through online payment (or are unable to do so), you can pay through bank transfer to vzw Frisse Folk: IBAN : BE40 7805 9142 3763  /  BIC : GKCCBEBB  (Belfius bank), with reference "first name last name - cours niveau X - location" (please replace X with the level of your classes, and for location, choose between Maalbeek / Pianofabriek / Gray)
For example: "John Doe - cours niveau 1 - Pianofabriek"

If you are unable to complete payment before your first class, you have to pay the entire amount cash to the teacher. Frisse Folk regrets it cannot accept training vouchers ("opleidingscheques" / "chèques-formation")

Late payment: If payment is still not settled 4 weeks after the start of the term, we have to charge an additional administrative fee of EUR 25. If you register after the beginning of the 4 weeks, these 4 weeks are counted from your registration of from your first attendance in class (whichever happens first). You'll of course first receive a reminder.

Our basic pricing structure is a subscription-formula for all classes of one term. This price remains the same, regardless of the number of classes you did in fact attend. It is thus not possible to be reimbursed for missed classes, or to transfer them to the next term. However, under certain conditions, you can catch up with the class at a different time (see below).

2. Flexibily & advantages

Free* trial-session

  • The first class you take with Frisse Folk, is a trial-session*. However, we do ask that you register in advance via our website. The free trial lesson doesn't apply for Gymlib participants.

  • If you confirm within 48 hours after your first class that you do not want to continue, then this class is free, and your payment will be reimbursed. You can inform us through email or by telephone, and you do not need to give a reason for cancellation.

  • If you do not cancel your registration by email or through telephone within 48 hours, the full amount remains due.

  • *If you decide after your first class to continue with the term, then your trial-session will count as your first class, and you have to pay for it. In this situation, the trial-session does not entitle you to a discount compared to the normal pricing structure.

  • The trial-session must take place within the first 4 weeks of term. Afterwards, the cancellation right lapses.

  • If a group is complete, only the very first class of the term will be a trial-session. This way, people on the waiting list can fill any spots that open up.

  • We also ask that you complete payment in advance, unless you register only last-minute.

  • Students can try out multiple classes during their first week, as long as they are registered for each class and as long as they confirm their final choice as quickly as possible by email. You only pay for the course which you end up taking.

Catching up on a class: If there is a parallel group for your level (at a different time, day and/or place, and/or with a different teacher), you can catch up on a missed class in the same week, the week before or the week after the missed class. You can also attend a class in a group of the level below your current level. However, if you miss a class, please note that we cannot explain everything the other students already master, as this would slow down the pace of the overall group.

Delayed start: You can join the classes after the term's starting date, but a late registration does not entitle you to a discount. If you already missed 4 classes or more, you can only join after taking private classes or a workshop, to catch up. This way, we can maintain the learning curve of our group sessions. Please contact us for more info.

Taking half a term: If you can only join for a portion of the classes, you can choose a special pricing structure. This is more expensive, but you will only end up paying for the classes you are actually able to join. At the start, you have to pay at a minimum half of the classes. The teacher will note your attendance for each class. When your credit is used up, you have to pay the teacher in cash at the start of each additional class. We are unable to reimburse you if you attend less than half of the classes. You also cannot transfer classes to the next term.

3. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation: You can cancel free of charge by email or through telephone up to 48 hours after your first class (=trial-session). Afterwards, cancellation is no longer possible, and the full amount remains due. Warning: The trial-session must take place within the first 4 weeks of term. Afterwards, the cancellation right lapses.

Cancellation on health grounds: If you can no longer attend the classes because of serious health reasons, you can - under certain conditions - recover the missed classes during a later term. This only applies if you miss three or more successive classes. Before your third missed class, you have to send us a short explanation, as well as a scan or copy of the doctor's note, covering the entire period of absence. You can then subtract the amount corresponding to your missed classes from your next payment. If you miss five or more successive classes (and you have a doctor's note to attest your absence), Frisse Folk will reimburse the corresponding amount.

Cancellation by Frisse Folk: If a group is too small, we reserve the right to either cancel the group, or merge the group with another one. If possible, Frisse Folk will offer an alternative option. If you decide to switch groups, you also have the right to right to cancel after the first class in the new group. If you decide not to switch groups, your registration fee will be reimbursed, less the amount corresponding to the number of classes you already took.

4. Danspunt & Muziekpublique

Danspunt: If you timely register for the Frisse Folk dancing classes, you'll automatically and free of charge become a member of Danspunt, the official organisation for recreational dancers in Flanders and Brussels. This membership will entitle you to a discount for their activities (workshops, bals,...)

Muziekpublique (only in Brussels): As the dancing courses in Brussels are part of the course offering of Muziekpublique, all participants have to have a valid membership card of Muziekpublique, the Brussels organisation for folk and world music. The card is valid during 1 year. You can buy or reactivate it on the website of Muziekpublique. It entitles you to discounts and sometimes free access to the numerous events of Muziekpublique (bals, queimadas, concerts,...). If you take dancing classes in Brussels, your personal information is passed on to Muziekpublique, who will of course treat is as confidential.

By registering or attending a class, you accept the conditions above.