Intermediate, Advanced
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Full price 150.00 €
Discount price (if you don't work) 130.00 €
Half a term (7) - full price 112.00 €
Half a term (7) - discount 91.00 €
Fair trade price 160.00 €
2nd series in the same term 75.00 €
Pickup of Sept 2020 students 55.00 €
Gymlib 0.00 €

Atelier couple dances (level 3 - 8)


Program: see French or dutch version

Info Covid-19

IMPORTANT: info COVID-19: Stay informed about the impact of corona on this event through this link.


Practical info


Meal standard text

Bring your bottle of water


Language standard text

Dance classes in Brussels are usually given in French, with translations into Dutch or English if necessary. Our teachers are all fluent in these languages, and you will receive individual feedback in the language of your choice.

Days off

27/09/2021 , 01/11/2021 , 15/11/2021


Mandlevel standard text

On this page we describe in detail the knowledge required to join the each of our levels. If after reading you are still hesitant, you can participate in free trial classes in several groups. Please feel free to contact us.

Dance partner

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You never need to bring a dance partner to our lessons