No presale or registration via the website of Frisse Folk for this event. More info hereunder.

Chaud 2.2   Free folk ball and dance initiation at Pianofabriek


18:30 - 19:15    Frisse Folk dance initiation by Koen & Aurora

19:15 - 20:45    Ball Aérokorda

20:45 - 21:15    Frisse Folk dance initiation by Koen & Aurora

21:15 - 23:00    Ball Snaarmaarwaar 

This ball is organised by De Pianofabriek as part of their free summer programme Chaud2.2. 

The capacity of the dance space is limited. The 'first come, first served' principle will be applied. It is in no way possible to make a reservation for this ball. So be sure to arrive on time!

We definitely want to involve local residents in this folk ball. There will be an initiation to folk dancing (split up in 2 parts), but we also call upon all experienced folk dancers to lend a hand to the beginners on the dance floor.

We invite you to read the text Code of conduct & dancing tips that applies for all of our activities.

Practical info


Meal standard text

The bar on the ground floor of De Pianofabriek will be open. We will not sell food this time

Partnership / Organisation

De Pianofabriek (ism Frisse Folk)