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Masterclass Sauts béarnais (Sauts basques) with Koen Dhondt


Schedule:  10h30 - 12h    &   16h - 17h30

  • More difficult steps: pas volat, simple pas volat, copar tres, dus
  • Rhythmic and other variations for the basic steps
  • Dances : Saut de Garona (Cocanha), La craba, Dus/Hegi, Charmantine
  • Practise Basque terminology if there is time left
In this workshop we learn the sauts Béarnais: circle dances of varying complexity, where each person executes well-codified sequences of steps without touching his or her neighbours. "7 sauts" is the most famous dance of this repertoire. 
In the Basque Country, the same basic steps are used as in Béarn, but the names of the movements are different. You will quickly learn the Basque terminology, so that you can also follow the callers' announcements during Basque balls. The trainees will receive small memory aids.

Practical info about on line workshop
A Google Meet link will be send by e-mail at 10h. Connection possible from 10h20. Apero after the workshop for those who want.
The workshop will be recorded by Frisse Folk if everybody agrees. In that case the movie can be shared for a limited time with all the participants. It is forbidden to share this movie with other people in any way.

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Practical info


Apero after the workshop for those who want.


Language standard text

This workshops will be given in (easy) english.
Koen is fluent in 5 languages, so if necessary you will get the answers to your questions in the language of your choice.


Please arrive 15 minutes before the advertised starting time of the workshop, so we can start on time.


Mandlevel standard text

Intermediate & advanced level:

You must master the material of the workshop of May 10th. A reasonable learning speed is also necessary. This workshop is accessible to anyone who has been dancing regularly for at least 1 year (regardless of the dance discipline).

Dance partner

Partner standard text

You do not have to register together with a dance partner.