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This workshop 40.00 €
Other workshops
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Sauts basques-béarnais & Carnaval de Lanz - Koen - 13 jan - Bxl 40.00 €
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Occitan singing- Corbefin Marsac - 4 feb – Bxl 40.00 €
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Early-bird discount for those who work
None 0.00 €
1 stage -3.00 €
2 stages -8.00 €
3 stages -15.00 €
4 stages -20.00 €
5 stages -30.00 €
6 stages -42.00 €
7 stages -56.00 €
8 stages -72.00 €
9 stages -90.00 €
10 stages -100.00 €
Early-bird discount per workshop for those who DON'T work
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Workshop Sauts basques-béarnais & Carnaval de Lanz by Koen Dhondt

Please  find the description of the program on the French or Dutch pages of our website. You can refer to the menu to find all information on general organisation of our workshops, prices and discounts etc.

Scroll down to get to the info about this particular workshop: required dance level, shared meal etc.

If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us (also in English, Spanish or Portuguese).


Participants of this workshop get a reduction for the Bal XL with Duo Corbefin Marsac & La Ficelle on Saturday 3 February. Don't forget to reserve your ticket for the bal via the presale on this website!

Practical info


Meal standard text

We suggest all participants bring something to share with each other for tea.

The Maalbeek Cultural Center does not allow people to bring their own drinks. Please respect this request. This semester, Frisse Folk offers water for free to participants in the Maalbeek.

The bar (coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine) will be open throughout the day.


Language standard text

Our workshops in Brussels are usually given in French, with translations into Dutch or English if necessary. Koen is fluent in 5 languages, so you will get individual feedback in the language of your choice.


Please arrive 15 minutes before the advertised starting time of the workshop, so we can start on time.


Mandlevel standard text

(FR) Nous commençons par des danses faciles et progressons graduellement vers des danses plus difficiles. Il y aura des variations compliquées pour les danseurs avancés. 
Aucune expérience en danses basques n'est demandée. Ce stage est accessible à tout ceux qui dansent de façon régulière depuis au moins 3 mois (peu importe quelle discipline de danse). Il faut juste avoir une vitesse d'apprentissage raisonnable.

(NL) We starten makkelijk, en bouwen stap voor stap op tot moeilijkere dansen, met een paar uitdagende varianten voor de meer gevorderde deelnemers.
Er is geen enkele voorkennis nodig. Een redelijke leersnelheid komt wel goed van pas. Daarom heb je best al 3 tot 6 maanden regelmatige danservaring (folk of andere dansen).

Dance partner

Partner standard text

It is never necessary to register as a couple for our dance workshops. We will often change partners.

Therefore, you can register alone, as a couple, with friends ...

Partnership / Organisation

GC De Maalbeek